Three Bears Chairs in Tumbler Ridge

Three Bears Chairs

107 Valleyview Cres, Tumbler Ridge, BC

  • Arts & Hand Crafts
  • Displaying the beauty of nature in a useful and comfortable format
  • Hand-crafted wooden furniture made from re-purposed pine
  • Comfortable and unique conversation starters for your outdoor space

Meet Keith Girton

Keith Girton is the owner of Three Bears Chairs

Tumbler Ridge is a perfect location for a wood worker like Keith to start up a business – there is literally wood everywhere! Keith is at home in Tumbler Ridge and he wanted to start something that would benefit the community he loves.

It was a commitment to producing high-quality products that led Keith to create Three Bears Chairs. He likes to be able to execute that plan while obtaining a certain standard. He also admits that he enjoys the benefits of being his own boss and working from home.

Always looking for opportunities to improve, this business owner recognizes where he can grow and learn in order for his business to succeed long term. “It’s all in the marketing,” he says. “I have a good business plan and a good product but my marketing needs improvement, which is where great programs like Love Tumbler Ridge come in.”

Creative. Unique. Warm.

Using fire killed pine found near Tumbler Ridge, Keith Girton of Three Bears Chairs creates rustic lawn furniture, picnic tables and other wood projects.

By using these discarded items, Keith revitalizes the dead pine, creating beautiful, unique pieces of art. A true visionary, Keith’s goal is to create value out of waste and the materials he uses are often tossed away or overlooked.

Each of Keith’s pieces are a unique conversation piece that comes with the reminder that there is beauty in anything, it just takes someone special to see it.

Contact + Hours

  • Please contact Keith to arrange a consultation or visit him online.


  • 107 Valleyview Cres
  • Tumbler Ridge, BC
  • V0C 2W0, Canada

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